We’ve Hired a New Pet Sitter in Wayzata and Plymouth, MN!

We’ve hired a new pet sitter for the Wayzata, Plymouth, Minnetonka, and Maple Grove, MN area!  Please welcome Lizzie to the Pup Culture team.  She has lots of animal experience, and we’re happy to have her.  You can read more about her in her own words below:

pet sitter wayzata plymouthHi there! My name is Lizzie and I love Frank Sinatra, never-ending pasta and spending time with my slobbery, wet-nosed friends! Growing up, my home has always been a madhouse with dogs and cats running around. My family and I have always adopted animals and just about a year and a half ago I adopted one of my own! Her name is Lyla and she is a shy, gentle soul who thankfully got a second chance at life! I have worked at a doggy daycare for nearly three years and I am also in the process of obtaining my bachelor’s degree in studying animal behavior at the University of Minnesota! I also spend my free-time volunteering at the Como Zoo, teaching visitors about primates and their behavior! I found my love for animals at a young age and there’s no better job, degree or four-legged roommate I could’ve asked for!

We’ve Hired a New Dog Walker in Golden Valley, MN!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve hired a new dog walker in Golden Valley, MN!  We’re happy to have Mike join the Pup Culture team.  You can read more about him in his own words here:

Dog Walker Golden Valley MNHi, I am blessed to be able to spend time with animals I adore and respect. I don’t take the responsibility of making sure the animals in my care are safe and enjoying themselves lightly. I have two cats of my own that I adopted Belle and Hailey as well as a mother/daughter combination that I am currently fostering. For the past 5 years I have fostered cats/kittens and am truly proud of giving them a chance to be adopted into a loving environment. Simply put animals (all animals) are my passion…I am most content when I know they are content. I am a member or volunteer for the following organizations: Mercy For Animals, Compassionate Action For Animals, Bridges of Respect, District Leader for the United States Humane Society, Bailing Out Benji, and Feline Rescue.  I have a Biology degree and have always been fascinated by learning why an animal does what it does…there is always a reason.Two courses in college I was captivated by was Animal Behavior and Parasitology. I look forward to meeting you and your pets.

We’ve hired a new dog walker in Maple Grove!

We’ve hired a new dog walker in Maple Grove, MN!  We’re pleased to welcome Sarah to the team.  You can read more about her in her own words here:

dog walker maple grove mnHi, I’m Sarah! I live in Plymouth and I currently have three cats and two bearded dragons. All of my cats are rescues, and they all have physical disabilities or medical issues. Niles has cerebellar hypoplasia (wobbly cat syndrome) and pica, Curry has urinary issues, and Joni recently had a leg amputation. Together they are a handful, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything! I was born on the east coast, and moved to Plymouth during middle school. My family has been fostering and training service dogs for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Can Do Canines for the past 20 years. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a double major in wildlife ecology and biology. I took a course in Canine Psychology and coordinated a club program to help students volunteer at the local humane society. In the past I have worked at PetSmart as a Pet Care Specialist, where I learned the best care practices for all pets from fish to birds, geckos to guinea pigs. Following that, I worked at Animal Humane Society as an Adoption Specialist and as a Transport Driver, where I had an opportunity to drive across the country to save animals from overcrowded shelters. I have handled cats and dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments, and became an expert in reading dog and cat body language! My passion for animals encompasses every aspect of my life, and I became a vegetarian in 2010 to support animal rights.  In my free time I enjoy reading, yoga, camping, and backpacking. I am so lucky to be able to spend time with your pets and call it a job!

Two Ways You Can Support Small Businesses

support small businessesIn honor of Small Business Saturday, I’d like to share with you two ways you can support small businesses.  I was talking with my mom the other day, and she was telling me how pleased she was with a landscape company she hired.  To show her appreciation, she baked them brownies.  Although baked goods and gifts are a lovely gesture, there are two better (and free!) ways to show your appreciation for small businesses.

1.  Leave a positive review online.  

If you are impressed with a small business’s service, the best way you can show your appreciation is by leaving a positive review online for that business.  There are plenty of places to leave these reviews online.  I’ve listed a few below:


Angie’s List

Google Business Page




The Small Business’s Website

When you visit these pages, you can search the business’s listing.  Sometimes small businesses even have a place to leave a review on their website.  If you know the owner of the small business, you can always email her or him and ask where they would most appreciate a positive review.

Leaving a positive review for a small business tells others who are researching the business that this is a company worth doing business with.  I’ve talked to many clients who checked out our reviews before contacting us.  Your positive review is invaluable to a small business, and it helps them to remain competitive with much larger companies.

2.  Refer your friends and family.

Referring your friends and family to a small business not only helps the small business, it also helps out your friends and family.  Many small businesses offer referral bonuses for both new and existing customers.  Referrals also help small businesses stand out against large companies.  When we work with new clients who were referred to us by existing clients, there is already a built-in trust.  We are able to gain and retain more clients quickly and easily.

Referring your friends and family to small businesses and leaving a positive review are two ways to truly help the small business community.  It is vital to our economy to support small businesses because small businesses provide exemplary customer service, local jobs, and more money stays directly in the community.

We’ve hired a new dog walker in Plymouth, MN!

We’ve hired a new dog walker in Plymouth, MN!  We’re pleased to welcome Michelle to the Pup Culture team!  You can find out more about Michelle in her own words:

Hi! My name idog walker Plymouth, MNs Michelle, I grew up in Plymouth and now live in an awesome neighborhood in Minneapolis with my long-term boyfriend. We have two ginger tabby cats, Motorboat and Rocketship. We call them Mo and Rocket for short, but I tend to refer to them as “Big Fatties” or “Kooker Doodles”! I’ve had all types of pets my entire life, and while I’m waiting to adopt a dog until I own a home with a nice big yard, my family has dogs to keep my puppy-fever at bay. Managing a small building of apartments in Uptown gives me a flexible full-time schedule, and spending time with your fur-babies is the perfect addition to my day!

If you’re interested in dog walking services, give us a call today!  651-236-7312



The Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Crystal, MN

Best places to walk your dog in Crystal, MN

Our barketing director at Memory Lane Pond in Crystal, MN.

Nothing is quite as exciting to a pup as when you grab his leash and head for the door.  We at Pup Culture have the privilege of walking many miles around the suburbs, and we’ve found some great places to walk in Crystal. Make your dog’s day and try out a new walking route.  Here are the best places to walk your dog in Crystal, MN:

Hagemeister Pond Preserve Park:  6427 41st Avenue North, Crystal, MN

Hagemeister Pond is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood block in Crystal.  The park offers a couple walking paths and a bridge to cross the pond.  It is fairly secluded, so it’s a nice escape from busy roads and traffic. Dogs especially enjoy the abundance of branches, trees to sniff, squirrels to spot, and birds that hang out by the pond.

Basset Creek Park: 6001 32nd Avenue North, Crystal, MN

For Crystal residents, this is an obvious destination for dog owners.  Bassett Creek Park has a popular fenced-in dog park.  Dogs will also appreciate hiking the wooded trails around the park.  Additionally, Bassett Creek boasts a disc golf course, a hockey rink, playground, picnic shelters, baseball fields, and a parking lot right by the dog park.

Lions Valley Place Park:  6822 32nd Avenue North, Crystal, MN

Although this park is not large, there is a paved path that lines the perimeter of the park.  I like to walk dogs on the path because they can observe what’s happening in the park while maintaining a distance and enjoying some good sniffs along the way.

MAC Wildlife Area:  60th Ave. and Regent Avenue North, Crystal, MN

MAC Wildlife Area provides a nice reprieve from the suburban sprawl.  You and your pup can enjoy hiking the paths through the woods.  There is a parking lot near the entrance to the paths, but there are no other amenities besides walking trails in this park.

Memory Lane Pond:  43rd Avenue North and Idaho Avenue North, Crystal, MN

Although you can’t walk far at this park, I included Memory Lane Pond in this list because my own dog loves to walk by here and watch the ducks and geese hanging out on the pond.  We usually stop and sit on the bench for a few moments.

Welcome Park:  4630 Welcome Avenue North, Crystal, MN

Much like Lions Valley Place Park, I like to walk the perimeter of Welcome Park with my dog.  She enjoys watching the kids play at the basketball courts, baseball fields, and playground.  There are sidewalks around 3/4 of the park for easy walking.

If you don’t have the time to get out there with your pup, we would be happy to visit some of these parks with your dog!  You can contact us today at 651-236-7312.  For those of you who live in Crystal, where are some of your favorite places to walk your dog?

We’ve hired a new dog walker in Plymouth, MN!

Pup Culture Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is pleased to announce that we’ve hired a new dog walker in Plymouth, MN.  We’re excited that Cortney is joining our team!  You can read more about Cortney in her own words:


Dog walker Plymouth MNHi!  My name is Cortney.  I live in Bloomington with my husband and our two cats, Pyewacket and Clementine.  I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember.  As a kid, I used to call up the neighbors and ask to walk their dogs for fun.  I spent many years volunteering in rescue shelters with cats and dogs and most recently have been volunteering in wildlife rehabilitation.  My degree is in Mathematics, but after a few years in an office job I decided it wasn’t for me.  Now I teach dance in the evenings and walk dogs during the day.  I’m so excited to get to know your furry children and to enjoy some time with them outside.


If you are looking for dog walking services in Plymouth, please contact us today!

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween Safety Tips for PetsHalloween is a fun time for humans, but our pets may take a different view on Halloween festivities.  Keep your pets safe and happy during this holiday with our Halloween safety tips for pets.

1.  During trick-or-treating time, keep pets in a contained area.  The constant doorbell-ringing and loud children can stress out even the most well-behaved pets.  Keeping pets away from the door in a  contained area can guarantee your pets won’t bolt while you’re passing out candy.

2.  Speaking of candy… Keep pets away from candy.  Chocolate is harmful for both dogs and cats.  The artificial sweetener xylitol is incredibly toxic to animals as well.  Do not leave Halloween candy out where pets can get it.

3.  Don’t leave pets outside on Halloween.  With so many people out and about, you don’t want to subject your pets to greater stress.  Pets may be more likely to escape or face teasing from trick or treaters.

4.  Bring in outdoor cats.  Pup Culture does not condone letting cats out anyway, but please bring cats in around Halloween.

5.  Keep jack-o-lanterns away from pets.  We don’t want any pets on fire on Halloween.

6.  Only dress up pets if they don’t mind it.  I must admit, I am guilty of dressing up my pets.  They’re not huge fans of costumes, so I only dress them for a quick photo op and then take off the costumes.  Pet costumes should not restrict movement, hearing, or breathing.  If your pet seems stressed while wearing a costume, take it off immediately.

7.  Update microchips and ID tags.  If your pet does get loose, make sure their microchips and ID tags are updated with your most current contact information.

Safety Tips for Dogs in the Summer in Minnesota

We’ve suffered through another Minnesota winter and have made it out alive.  Finally we can again enjoy some outdoor time with our dogs!  Even though we live in Minnesota where we’re not known for our hot weather, we still need to be mindful of the heat’s effects on our pets.  Read on for some safety tips for dogs in the summer in Minnesota.

1.  Walk dogs during cooler times of the day.  Your dog would love an early morning or evening walk.

2.  Never leave a dog in a car.  Even if it is not that warm outside, temperatures in cars can increase rapidly.  Either leave your dogs at home or only take them to dog friendly locations where they can come inside with you.

summer safety tips in minnesota

Dogs with dark fur are more affected by the heat. Keep dogs in the shade.

3.  Walk dogs in the shade.  If you must walk your dog on hot days, stick to the shady side of the street.

4.  Walk your dogs on the grass.  Asphalt can heat up quickly in the sun, so to protect your dog’s paws, let them walk in the grass.

5.  Use a kiddie pool.  If you have a fenced-in backyard, your dog will appreciate cooling off in a kiddie pool.

6.  Keep your dog hydrated.  Always make sure dogs’ water bowls are filled.  Bring a water bottle on a walk for your dogs, and stop to let them drink.

7.  Limit walks for older dogs, overweight dogs, and flat-faced dogs.  All of these types of dogs are much more susceptible to heats’ effects.

If you don’t have time to walk your dogs in the summer, or if you don’t like to walk your dogs in the heat, we can help you out!  Check out our dog walking services.

What are some other safety tips for pets during the summer?

We’ve Hired a New Pet Sitter in the Northwest Metro in the Twin Cities!

We’re pleased to welcome Linda to the team!  Linda will be working as a pet sitter in the Northwest Metro suburbs of the Twin Cities including Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, New Hope, Plymouth, Robbinsdale, and Golden Valley.  She has a lot of experience working with both dogs and cats, but she can tell you more in her own words:

pet sitter plymouth mnI have been a foster and volunteer for a local rescue, and currently share my home with two German Shepherd mixes: Doc, a GSD/Chow Chow mix, who is training to be a Therapy Dog, and Bena, a sassy senior Belgian Malinois/GSD. Before buying a house with a yard, I was a cat person: I had kittens to seniors, healthy cats to ill cats, and even a diabetic, so I am practiced in administering insulin and other meds. I have fostered post-surgery dogs, shy dogs, flight risk dogs, and until his passing in December, I owned a dog with Irritable Bowel Disease who received B12 injections and a myriad of meds and supplements. I am certified in Pet CPR by the Red Cross. My background before I fell in love with dog walking and pet sitting included operations management in higher education, retail sales management, human resources, and marketing. I recently tried going back to the corporate world, but missed working with animals too much.

If you’d like more information about our pet sitting services, you can find out more information here.

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