Pet Sitting

Your pets would rather stay in their homes with all of their belongings, familiar smells, and their usual beds.  Pup Culture offers daily pet sitting services to keep your pets comfortable while you must be away.  In addition to taking care of your pets, we also check on your house.  We will water plants, take in mail, adjust blinds and lighting, or whatever other tasks you’d like us to tackle.Cat pillow, dog blanket

Pet Sitting:
A 30 minute visit includes: feeding, fresh water, watering plants, taking in mail, an energizing walk, lots of loving, and a detailed update and photo emailed to your right after the visit.   

One visit per day:  $25

Perfect for cats or other small animals.  

Two visits per day:  $50

One visit in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Great idea for cats.

Three visits per day:  $75

One visit in the early morning, one visit around noon, and one visit in the evening.  Recommended for dogs.  

Four visits per day:  $100

One visit in the early morning, one visit midday, one visit afternoon, and one visit in the evening. 

Pup Culture collects 7.275% sales tax on all services.

$3 charge for each additional dog.  

Contact us today to get started!  651-236-7312

Are you ready to get started?  The first visit is on us!  Click below to receive a coupon for a free pet sit or dog walk.



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